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    This site is dedicated to the authors' favorite ballplayer of all time, Tim Raines. Spread the word of Raines' worthiness for induction into the Hall of Fame.

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    272 writers did not visit this site, and therefore saw the facts in a cloud of rounded-numbering, and decided not to vote for Raines in 2012. Those writers who correctly implored us not to focus too much on the numbers instead decided to focus so much on the wrong numbers.

    117 of those writers were brave enough to tell the world that they didn't know how to look at non-rounded-numbers in arguing for their vote against Tim Raines. Below you will find their names. Gently encourage them to come to this site, and spend an hour to lift that cloud away.

    Be kind to them, as we sincerely appreciate that they actually spoke up so we can find them. But, they get a one year pass. If they don't put Raines' name right next to Rickey's, we'll mount our campaign.

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