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    This site is dedicated to the authors' favorite ballplayer of all time, Tim Raines. Spread the word of Raines' worthiness for induction into the Hall of Fame.

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    John Brattain RIP.

    His biographical entry

    John Brattain can also be read at Sympatico/MSN Sports where more likely than not, he'll be complaining about the Toronto Blue Jays. John's work has also been featured at,, MLBtalk, ESPN Insider,, Replacement Level Yankee Weblog,, Bootleg Sports, Baseball Prospectus, The Baseball Analysts and The Baseball Journals. You can hear him every Wednesday at 4:40 PM EST on ESPN 1450's The Mike Gill Show. He also is a frequent guest on The Jed Donahue Show on WTKT-AM 1460.

    Some words from contributors of

    Neate Sager

    John Brattain seemed to spread warmth and cheer into every nook and cranny of the web, which made it much easier to have a writing addiction... Speaking personally, John sought me out for the page a while ago. It was an act of courtesy and consideration which will never be forgotten.

    Jonah Keri

    Just minutes after [my first Baseball Prospectus] article was posted, I got the very first feedback email of my sportswriting career.

    The Subject was: "DUDE!!!!!!!"
        Great column on BP! Kudos and congrats guy! Never
        too many Expos fans writing on the game eh!
        More to follow I hope.
        Best Regards
    Never too many, John. I only wish we didn’t just lose one of the best.

    Some words from around the web as collected by Repoz at Baseball Primer:

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    Goodbye Bones (Lookout Landing)

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    A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Away. . . (John’s wonderful Designated Hitter bit for The Baseball Analysts)